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Bio: Our History
Established in 2014, we are a very young and dynamic company located in Suizhou, Hubei, which is in the central area in China. This central location and convenient transportation ensure our broad market and encouraging outlook. As a developing company, we are ready to meet any kind of challenge in the market.
Our Factory
Our factory has over 100 experienced workers and covers 2000 square meters area. We have already set 2 producing lines, with advanced equipment and multiple of molds. So that we are ready for mass production.
The Advantages Of FRP Grating
·Corrosion Resistant
·Fire Resistant
·Slip Resistant
·Impact Resistant
·Light Weight
·Maintenance Free
·Long Lasting
·Attractive Design
·Easy Fabrication
·Cost Effective
Stair treads
Oil & Gas
Chemical industry
Water & SewageIndustrial Grating for sale
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