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Bio: Quan Yi Spring Hardware Co.,Ltd was established in 2003,13 years for export experience. Nowadays, as a leading Zigzag springs manufacturer in China,we produce more than 1500 tons sofa springs per month,which are exported over 20countries,including Germany, Spain, America, Canada, Malaysia, Thailand and so on.
Sofa spring widely used in upholstered furniture including sofa,car seat,plane seat,luxury hotel chair.
We believe in “Basis on quality,and win from credit”,so we always improve our technology,and meet all the customers’ requirements.
We hope to establish long-term cooperative relationships between each other and achieve win-win. Our company will be the ideal partner for you.
Our main products:Roll spring,Flat spring,Curve spring,Round spring,Functional spring,Super loop springs.Special spring,Assemble spring,Biconical spring and Pocket spring.
Our related spring products:Fixing wire,Spring clip,Functional spring hook,Balance link,Hinge link,Flex curve,Tack strip,Pneumatic clip,Biconial spring clip,Spring fixing belt,Clip strip.
Fair and with customers:
Our team:Steel coil springs factory
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